5 Designer Items and Their Cheaper ‘Copies’

It is no secret that retail brands such as H&M, Zara, Mango and Topshop find inspiration for their collections on the catwalks of fashion week. New trends are translated in more affordable versions, which is great for all us who can’t afford €600-sweaters and 3.000-coats. But there is ‘translation’ and there is ‘copied’. And sometimes the difference between them is difficult to tell. Decide for yourself which one is applicable to the following designs. 



1. Moschino vs. Zara

Jeremy Scott found his inspiration for Moschino’s spring/summer 2015-collection in Barbie and Zara found the inspiration for their spring/summer 2015-collection in Moschino. Less pink but undoubtedly a Very Big Reference.


2. Loewe vs. Just Female

Loewe’s judo-tied high waist leather trousers were one of the highlights of Paris Fashion Week in September 2014 and Danish brand Just Female has a similar version in their fall 2015-collection. Not only cheaper (but still expensive), but also a great thing because Loewe’s version has already sold out.


3. Alexander Wang vs. Nasty Gal

Alexander Wang’s spring 2015-collection was inspired by sport brands. He turned Nike and Adidas sneakers into bags, dresses and high heels. One of these sneaker dresses – a green bodycon dress with black accents – got a similar version at webshop Nasty Gal.


4. Céline vs. JCPenney

Well, you can’t write a post on ‘spin-offs’ and don’t mention Céline. Céline’s Trapeze Bag was an inspiration for JCPenney, who used other materials en placed the colors in a different order. It doesn’t have that sophisticated look that Céline designs have, but I do like the (fake) snakeskin material they used.


5. Adidas Stan Smith vs. Isabel Marant

Usually it’s Isabel Marant who is being copied. There are countless rip-offs of her sneaker wedges circulating and it has come to the point that she doesn’t even wear them herself als often as she did because she sees ‘too many bad copies in the street’, as she told WWD.
Only this time, it looks like she got her inspiration from another Very Popular Sneaker: the classic Adidas Stan Smith. It almost looks like a collaboration between the two brands. But in this case the original is cheaper than the ‘spin-off’: €80 vs. €280.

Photos: Loewe.com, Zara.com, Instagram.com/justfemale, Polyvore.com, Net-a-Porter.com, NastyGal.com, MyTheresa.com.


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