5 Fall 2015 Trends You Should Wear

It’s time to go fall shopping! But what to wear this season? Get some inspiration from these 5 fall trends. 

1. Tights under your ripped jeans

panty ripped jeans

You won’t be freezing your knees off if you wear tights under your jeans. Black tights in combination with a black sweater will also make it look chique.

2. Leather wrap skirts

leather wrap skirt

The leather wrap skirt trend is still going strong. Almost every brand has a version in their fall collection. The length may vary, from mini-skirt to an over the knee-version.

3. Anything with fringes

vintage suede fringe jacket

Skirts, bags or jackets, even cuffs and tees. Anything (with fringes) will do.

4. A turtleneck

Turtleneck Uniqlo x Lemaire

The turtleneck has made a comeback and it goes with everything. The cozy one above is designed by former Hèrmes designer Christophe Lemaire for Uniqlo.

5. A-line skirts

monki a line skirt

This 70s trend started earlier this year and is still going strong this fall. Wear either a denim or a suede version and take look at Alexa Chung for styling inspirations.


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