5 Reasons To Visit the Louis Vuitton A/W 2015 Exhibition in London

The first outfit of the Louis Vuitton A/W15 collection that came down the runway in Paris this year was my favorite. On the last day of Paris Fashion Week in March, model Freya Beha Erichsen opened the show wearing a white fur coat, black and white heels and was carrying a metallic-like beautycase. Vogue Paris later used the photo for the cover of Vogue Paris Collections A/W15. One of my favorite magazine covers ever. 

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Because most of us aren’t in the position to attend shows at Fashion Week, let alone a Louis Vuitton fashion show, you might like the idea that you’ll get that chance in September, when the exhibition ‘Series 3’ opens in London. ‘Series 3’ will let you step inside the world designer Nicolas Guesquière created for the Louis Vuitton A/W15 collection. “In this digital era, fashion shows are diffused online and immediately accessible for the public. But it takes more than that to feel the ambience and share the intense creativity, energy and emotion around one show,” said Guesquière. “The exhibition is conceived as a total, physical and interactive immersion inside Louis Vuitton’s (AW15) fashion show.”

Here are five reasons to visit ‘Series 3’:

 1. You can view the A/W15 fashion show front row

All 50 looks of the fashion show in March will be projected as video footage onto life-sized screens, so you will get a close-up view as if you were seated front row.

2. You will get a behind the scenes of how the collection is created

The exhibition will take you on a 13-room ‘journey’ through every creative step that went into this season’s collection, from the creative proces of Nicolas Guesquière and the stitching of the garments to the catwalk show.

3. The photos of this fall’s ad campaign are being displayed

This fall’s ad campaign for Louis Vuitton, shot by Juergen Teller and Bruce Weber, is been displayed in a gallery at the exhibition.



4. You can get free posters and stickers

Free posters of the ad campaign and 12 key accessories from the collection depicted on a set of stickers will be offered as a gift for visitors. Who wouldn’t want that?

5. You can ad more fashion to your trip to London

You can visit the exhibition during London Fashion Week in September and also attend talks from fashion industry insiders, visit showrooms and (of course) shop. But if you wait until October, you can also visit the Chanel exhibition in the Saatchi Gallery, ‘Mademoiselle Privé’, which opens October 13th. From the designs of Coco Chanel to the creations of Karl Lagerfeld.


‘Series 3’ opens on September 21st in London’s Somerset House. You can visit the exhibition until October 18th. 
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