7 Clothing Racks To Display Your Wardrobe

The legendary Carrie Bradshaw once said: “I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet”. I have the same when it comes to the ‘I like my clothes hanging right where I can see them’ part. I’m not a fan of closed wardrobes, especially the ones that fill up a whole wall. It makes a bedroom or closet look somewhat boring (although some may call that tidy). So my clothes hang on clothing racks, just as they do in stores. 

You might think this wil ‘ruin’ your clothes, because they aren’t protected against dust. But I wear most of my wardrobe the whole year round en special items such as dresses or winter coats, I put in transparant dry cleaning garment bags.
Another option is to only hang your ‘show pieces’ in sight and store the rest of your clothes in (closed) wardrobes.

There are a lot of different sorts of clothes racks. A basic version costs no more than ten euros at IKEA, but if you want one that suits the space and interior you have, I have selected 7 options.

Industrial clothing rack

industrial clothes rack

Extra long garment rack



If you have the space, you can place a large version in your bedroom or (walk in) closet. Like this one, which is 2 meters long.

DIY branch clothing rack


You can make this one yourself. Blogger Love Aesthetics made a DIY. Read it here.

The double bar clothing rack



To store more clothes without using more space.

Hanging from the ceiling

kledingrek aan plafond

If you have a minimalistic interior, want to make your (bed)room look more spacious, want to keep your floor looking tidy or want to use the space below for your shoes, you can hang a clothing rack from your ceiling. The disadvantage is that you can’t hang too much clothing on it, because of the weight. In that case: use it only for your show pieces.

Attached to the wall

clothes rack wall

This one has the same advantages as the one hanging from the ceiling, but can hold more weight.

A mobile clothing rack

kledingrek wielen

Clothing racks on wheels are often used by stylists, but in your case, it makes it easy to rearrange your interior and replace your clothing section.


Photos: Etsy.com, Pinterest, Welke.nl, Galanta.nl, Love-aesthetics.com, apersonalorganizer.com, vanswartopwit.nl


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