7 Designer Bags Named After Celebrities

The ‘Kelly bag’, the ‘Birkin bag’ or the ‘Jackie bag’. Especially Hermès seems to make it a habit of calling it’s bags after celebrity style icons. Some with very good reason. Here are seven designer bags named after (famous) people. 

black kelly bag

1. The Hermès ‘Kelly bag’

It all started with the ‘Kelly bag’, named after actrice Grace Kelly. It didn’t have that name at first. It was designed in the 1930’s by Robert Dumas and called the ‘Sac à Dépêches’. The bag became famous when it turned out to be Grace Kelly’s favorite bag and when she used it in 1956 to cover up an early pregnancy bump. Photos the paparazzi took of Kelly and the bag went all over the world. The bag soon became known as the ‘Kelly bag’ and in her honour Hermès officially named the bag after her in 1977.

Pink Birkin Bag

2. The Hermès ‘Birkin Bag’

As opposed to the ‘Kelly bag’, the ‘Birkin Bag’ was especially made by Hermès for actrice and singer Jane Birkin. During a flight from Paris to London in 1981, Jane Birkin sat next to Hermès chief executive Jean-Louis Dumas. Her (famous) straw bag fell out of the overhead compartment and she explained to Dumas that it was difficult to find a leather bag that she liked. In 1984 he created a black leather bag for her, based on a 1982 design. The bag is still being produced, but there is a waiting list (which in the past could make you wait for years).


3. Mulberry’s ‘Alexa’ Bag

An it-bag named after an it-girl. The ‘Alexa’ was a tribute to Alexa Chung in 2010. The brown satchel was based upon a picture creatives at Mulberry came across in a magazine of Chung carrying an Elkington, Mulberry’s classic men’s briefcase. “We loved how it looked,” said Emma Hill, Mulberry’s creative director, in an interview with The Guardian, “and we thought designing a bag that was inspired by Alexa, threw that particular image, was just… a nice thing to do.” In the first week almost 400 bags à £750 were sold.


jackie o bag

4. Gucci’s ‘Jackie bag’

There seem to be two ‘Jackie bags’. One is the Hermès ‘Trim’ bag, which was one of Jackie Kennedy’s favorite bags and the other is Gucci’s ‘Jackie O’ shoulder bag. She was so often seen in public with it since the late sixties, that the bag became known as the ‘Jackie O bag’ and Gucci officially renamed the bag in her honour. There is also a bronze metallic version of the bag called ‘The Bouvier’, which was her maiden name.


5. Dior’s ‘Lady D(ior) bag’

Dior’s best selling bag in the nineties was the ‘Lady Dior’ bag, thanks to Princess Diana. The story goes that the French President’s wife, Bernadette Chirac, gave Diana the bag as a present and she was so fond of it, she carried it everywhere en bought the bag herself in other colours and styles. Whether it was merely a coincidence or whether it was on purpose that the handbag was named Lady Dior, is unknown.

Del Rey leather shoulder bag

6. Mulberry’s ‘Del Rey bag’

Two years after the ‘Alexa’, Mulberry introduced the ‘Del Rey’ bag as an hommage to singer Lana Del Rey. Creatives at Mulberry were inspired by the singer’s signature retro look. “It’s a mixture of Mulberry, a touch of Lana’s old-school glamour, and total practicality”, Mulberry’s creative director Emma Hill told British Vogue.

jessica stam bag

7. Marc Jacobs’ Jessica ‘Stam bag’ 

Marc Jacobs created the quilted leather ‘Stam bag’ in 2005 for model Jessica Stam, supposedly for her to carry her portfolio to castings. The bag was an instant hit and often seen carried by other celebrities.


Which bag is your favorite?


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