7 Dressing Room Fails

Lighting that makes you look ill, curtains that won’t close entirely and no mirror in your cubicle. We love to shop, but the part where we are trying the clothes on isn’t always the most enjoyable part. Here are seven reasons why it can go wrong in dressing rooms.

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1. The lighting is terrible

Good lighting is underestimated in dressing rooms. The better you feel about yourself, the better the clothes will look on you and the more you will buy. That’s just how a (woman’s) brain works. And bad lighting – the one that makes you look ill and your legs look as if you have cellulite – can be a deal breaker. It’s not only the brightness or the color of the light that can cause problems. Where the light comes from, in most dressing rooms from the ceiling, is also an important factor. Studies show that backlit mirrors are the best.

2. The curtains won’t close entirely

When you close the curtain and there is still a gap and no matter how you pull, the gap remains. Even worse are cubicles where you can’t even speak of a curtain, but more of a blanket that covers your torso, leaving the rest of your body for everyone to see. Goodbye privacy. Cubicles with doors – which you can lock – in stead of curtains are the best.

3. There isn’t a mirror in your dressing room

In some stores you have to step out of your cubicle to watch yourself in the mirror. Not only are you immediately confronted with a sales(wo)man, but also the plus ones of other customers in the cubicles – who have taken a seat while waiting, so you have an audience and if you’re very unfortunate there also is a line waiting to use the dressing room staring at you.
The best dressing rooms have a large mirror in the cubicle and a small one at the other end, enabling you to see your back.

4. The floor is dirty. 

We all understand that a dressing room at 3 pm on a Saturday afternoon won’t be THAT clean, but come on. All That Dust. Especially in summer, when you’re often barefoot while trying on clothes, you just want a clean floor.

5. There are not enough hooks

Not only do you need hooks for the clothes you want to try on, but also for your own clothes that you’ll be taking off. And during the fitting, you will also need a hook for the ‘I’m definitely buying this’ items, the ‘I have to try this on once more to be sure’ items and the ‘it looked great on the hanger but not on me’ items.

6. There is no seat in the cubicle 

Not (just) to sit down because you’re tired after a long day of shopping, but for those clothes that don’t come on a hanger (you don’t want to put them on that dirty floor), but also for your bag(s), your phone, etcetera. And as a back-up when there aren’t enough hooks.

7. When you have to wait in line for too long

Queuing in line for the dressing rooms is inevitable, but when there is no line or a very short one, you will be more eager to try something on. It does help when the store has free wifi, to kill time.

What is your biggest dressing room frustration?


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