7 Facts About Céline You Never Knew

Céline is one of the most popular (and most copied) fashion brands – and almost worshipped by some ‘fashionistas’ – especially since Phoebe Philo was made creative director in 2008. Here are seven facts about Céline you probably didn’t know yet.


1. You can’t buy Céline online (well, only on Ebay)

There are just a few brands which you can’t buy online. Céline is one of them. Phoebe Philo explains: “I want people to feel the fabric. I strongly believe that you should buy Céline clothes in a Céline store or a department store, in an environment where the ideas behind the clothes are tangible, where you can touch the clothes, you can see the inside, see how well they are made and that you can try the clothes on. The process of determining what you want to wear and how you want to spend your money, I think, is very important.”

2. Céline stores don’t have clothes or accessories on display

You won’t find any mannequins in the windows of Céline stores. Phoebe Philo: “There are so many boutiques, I wanted to do something different and new.”

3. Phoebe Philo doesn’t care that Céline is being copied

“As long as you are copied, you matter. Sometimes I think ‘that’s not right’, but it has nothing to do with Céline. It’s a very different qualitative level. That’s why it doesn’t bother me that much.”

4. Céline clothes are designed in London, but are handmade in Paris

Philo lives in London and didn’t want to move to Céline’s head office in Paris because of her family. So Philo and her creative team work from London and the people who make the clothes are in Paris. Members of her team travel to Paris weekly, but Philo is usually only there right before a show. “Working for a French fashion house and being able to stay in London is a privilege”, she says.

5. Daria Werbowy was the face of Céline’s ad campaigns for seven seasons

Daria Werbowy first started in the Spring ad campaign of 2011 and all the campaigns are shot by the same photographer: Juergen Teller.

6. Michael Kors was once creative director of Céline

Before he started his own label, Michael Kors was creative director of Céline from 1997. He was the French brand’s first women’s ready-to-wear designer. He left in October 2003.

7. Phoebe Philo had a year to prepare for her first fashion show

When Raf Simons became creative director of Dior’s woman’s wear, he had just eight weeks to design and produce Diors next haute couture collection. When Phoebe Philo joined Céline in October 2008, she presented her first collection in June 2009 and her first ready-to-wear collection (Spring/Summer 2010) to the public in a fashion show in September 2009 during Paris Fashion Week.


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