My 5 Favorite ‘French’ T-shirts

I’m in a French fase at the moment – reading How to be Parisian and French women don’t get fat and browsing (and a little reading) through Vogue Paris. I also have a thing for ‘text tees’. These things combined brought me to these ‘French’ tees, which I all want. 

Etre-Cecile-Manrepeller‘Am I French yet? tee by Être Cécile x Man Repeller

parisienne - civissum‘Parisienne’ tee by Civissum

pardon my french kate spade‘Pardon My French’ tee by Kate Spade (2012)
(but there also versions on Etsy)

paris is always a good idea
‘Paris is always a good idea.’ tee by Missguided

ich bin ein parisienne tee
‘Ich bin ein Parisienne’ tee by Civissum

Let me know which t-shirt is your favorite! 


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