The 5 Most Annoying Things About Webshops

I love online shopping, I could be at it for hours. Not that I’m always on a buying spree. I also love just browsing, liking items, pinning them on Pinterest, throwing them in my cart and eventually just clicking the page away. But there are some frustrations that ‘come with the territory’ when you buy online.

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  1. When you’ve looked at an item and return to the overview and you have to start at the top again

You would think this is a basic feature any webshop has – that if you looked at an item and return to the overview, you go back to the part where you’ve left. But there are webshops where you could be in knee-deep, scrolled through hundreds of items, but when you’ve clicked on an item and return, you have to start all over again at the top of the list. Or sometimes you’re just randomly ‘dropped’ somewhere in the overview.

  1. When there aren’t any pictures of someone wearing the outfit

I hate it when webshops have headless mannequins wearing the clothes or where it seems like a ‘ghost’ is wearing it. I want real people to wear the clothes, so I can see how it fits: how big a ‘one site fits all’ t-shirt really is, how short a skirt or dress is or just to see how the straps of a sandal look like on a (real) foot.
The best webshops have images of a model wearing the item from every angle. And if they are really good (yes, I’m looking at you ASOS) they will even have a video of the model running down a catwalk wearing it.

And this doesn’t only apply to clothes or shoes, I also want to see models carry bags, so you’ll have an idea of how large they are. Of course they usually mention measurements in the description, but I can’t visualise that, I have to see a bag on a model. (When I’m shopping for bags in real life, I also watch myself in the mirror carrying it. Am I the only one who does that?)

  1. When the shipping costs exceed the item you want to buy

Especially shipping from the United States is an investment. If I want to buy a t-shirt on sale for 15 dollars, but the shipping costs 20, I’ll pass.

Also those webshops where you are not being rewarded for buying more or buying expensive items by remitting the shipping costs are annoying. I even came across a webshop that didn’t have a fit price for shipping  (so you just buy more so it feels more ‘even’), but added extra dollars with each extra item.

  1. When filter options don’t really work

To avoid being disappointed when you find a dress or pair of shoes that you really really want, but doesn’t come in your size anymore (especially when there is a sale), you filter in advance by size. But the disappointment is enormous when you find out this feature is just for ‘fun’ and doesn’t work (and for a second made you consider wearing shoes three sizes smaller). This is just mean.

  1. When the colors aren’t realistic

You are certain that you are looking at some black shoes, but the text claims they’re blue. Or the shade of a pink dress looks ‘salmon pink’, but Google images shows you a picture of it being more ‘neon pink’. Which one is right? It’s even worse when you find out that the colors weren’t realistic when the package is already delivered and you have to send it back (or wear neon pink).

What is your online shopping frustration?

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