Want To Work in Fashion? Read These 7 Tips From Insiders

Whether you want to be a designer, a stylist, an editor or want to work in PR, if you want to land a job in the fashion industry, there is no easy way in. Read these 7 tips I collected from fashion insiders if you want to get ahead.


1. Lisa Armstrong, fashion editor at The Daily Telegraph

“If you want to learn how to write, read good writers and try to work out how they do it. If you find that writing comes easily to you, you’re not doing it properly.”

2. Alexandra Shulman, editor-in-chief of British Vogue

“Be prepared to do the most basic of tasks cheerfully when you start out and accept that it takes time to move on to the next step. Also, it’s more important to get a thing done one way or another than to aim for perfection and do nothing.”

3. Alexandra Fullerton, Stylist‘s fashion director

“If you want to work on a magazine there is only one route in and that’s through work experience. Spending time doing fashion returns in what is known as the ‘fashion cupboard’ is the best grounding for working on a magazine. You will get to build up a brilliant contacts book and work first-hand with amazing clothes.” Read more tips from Alexandra here.

4. André Leon Talley, contributing editor Vogue

“You can’t go toward the future without some sense of the past. Everything in life goes in cycles, and you cannot have any strength if you don’t know what the masters did. Masters in fashion would be the history of Balenciaga, the history of Yves Saint Laurent, the history of the 18th century.” Read more of his advice on Fashionista.com.

5. Daniel Marks, director and partner of The Communications Store in London

“Look: at situations, people, brands, stores, the media, clothes… You never know where your next idea will come frome – it won’t necessarily be from your mobile phone.”

6. Amy Astley, editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue

“I look for people who read books, who read the newspaper, who are aware of what is going on in the world, who are very smart and very clever, who go to art museums and exhibits, who know about artists, educate themselves and bring more to the table.” Read more of Amy Astley’s tips on how to maken it in the fashion industry and the handbook she has written on Forbes.com.

7. Elaine Welteroth, senior beauty editor at Glamour US

“Really develop your expertise now. Get a blog, get a Tumblr and get your name and your content out there. There is no reason anyone who loves beauty and loves to write and wants to work at a magazine shouldn’t have a blog.”

Watch the video below for more advice from Glamour editors.


Photo: Pixabay/tomwieden


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