We Found a Lamb in 3 September Issues (And They Were Carried, Not Worn)

You’d think lambs were a ‘spring thing’, but we came across a striking number of lambs in the September issues this year.

First, there was the cover of WSJ. Magazine with Freja Beha Erichsen wearing Louis Vuitton and holding a lamb. The lamb matched the coat, so we didn’t think about it. But then there was another September cover, Marie Claire Italia, with Janice Alida wearing Prada, but also carrying a lamb. Coinsidence we thought, the lamb was part of the ‘gipsy’ story of the fashion editorial. But when we came across a third lamb, this time in an editorial in the September issue of Harper’s BAZAAR UK, we could only come to one conclusion: lambs are a thing.

I guess we have the (faux) fur coats-trend this season to thank for that. Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Topshop, Louis Vuitton, Emilio Pucci, Philip Plein, Matthew Williamson, Saint Laurent and Fendi – to name a few – all showed their version of a warm and fluffy coat to wear this fall. In New York and London there were a lot of faux furs presented, in Paris and Milan the ‘real deal’ walked down the catwalk. Worn, this time.


marie claire italia september 2015

If you come across a lamb in another magazine, let us know!

Photos: Lachlan Bailey, Arnaud Pyvka and Erik Madigan Heck.


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